The Path That

Brought Us Here

Family Pictures
Our First Valentines Day

Our story started back in 2012. We met overlooking the North End Zone of Lambeau Field. It was not long after meeting that we realized there was something about one another that we had not found in anyone else. 
A lot has changed over the last 7 years but we have grown and love the beautiful life we have built together. It was very early on when we discussed adoption, a very normal topic in both of our lives. Growing up as adopted children ourselves we had discussed wanting the same for our future family. After learning that having children ourselves was not in our reach we realized fate had different plans. Deep down we both knew that this was what was meant to be all along.
We are so excited to be on this journey. To share our life with a new little one. To celebrate together, become parents and continue to grow our adoption story. To carry on and celebrate what adoption had given our parents all those years ago; a family.

Our Wedding Day 


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